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Join our cutting-edge instructor-led online virtual training courses designed by subject matter experts, to give you an interactive and enriched learning experience.

Management Excellence has introduced Virtual Learning Environment and E-Learning Solutions made accessible to range of professionals who are inclined in pursuing professional development through the comfort of instructor-led remote interactive learning. Our online public training courses are headed by decorated subject matter experts with vast expertise in initiating different learning approaches and conducting distance courses worldwide.

Our most popular and best online solutions offers a range of skill-based training

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We specialize in delivering in-house online course wherein it turns the class more towards organisational requirement centric .


Foreign Exchange (FX) and Money Markets course provides a rm grounding in the instruments and activities of the international money and FX markets, sweeping away the confusion that can be created by the scale, speed and apparent diversity of the markets.

The foreign exchange and money markets are worth trillions of dollars and are the pivot of the financial markets, providing funding, investment opportunities and the conduit between all other financial markets. In recent years, the importance of the money markets has become even greater as financial institutions focus more closely on the management and diversities cation of their sources of liquidity, apply greater discipline to their funding and examine the attractions of short term investment and trading strategies.

This course focuses on the current pro le of the markets and offers up-to-date insights. The course also emphasises the integrated nature of the market - in particular, how different instruments perform the same or similar functions and the opportunities this provides for arbitrage and hedging. It also analyses the liquidity characteristics and risks of different instruments and funding strategies.

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Effective Debt Collection and Recoveries Management


The credit market in Africa has been growing rapidly in recent years, and the field is becoming increasingly competitive and complicated. Credit processes and assessment standards have been evolving in the region, and problem loans and default rates in several countries have been excessive. Regardless of the size and complexity of the transaction which determines the method used in resolving the problem loans, there are common areas of strategy, law and business skills which must be considered.

The experiences of the African currency crisis and the enormous volume of non- performing loans that emerged from it have provided important lessons in the early recognition, control and proactive management of nonperforming loans.

This workshop will cover all aspects of effective debt collection and recoveries management. This interactive programme based on real-life situations will provide you with the opportunity to discuss, debate techniques, approach to workouts, litigation and alternative approaches to handling problematic lending situations.

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Digital Banking – Business Opportunities


The term ‘Digital Banking’ is one of the most miss-understood concepts in the financial world today. Ask any group of 21st century bankers and you will get more definitions than there is member of the group. Many simply see Digital Banking as mobile banking or on-line banking. They see it as an add-on to existing and traditional banking services. All of these are too narrow focused. They fail to see the big picture.

Rapid technological changes in recent years have revolutionized the way banking services and products are produced and delivered to consumers, small businesses and corporates alike.

We are all familiar with how the Internet, the Mobile-phone and Smartcards have changed the way we live our lives.

To innovative, progressive, go-ahead banks these changes, known collectively as Digital Banking hold great promise to change the way banking operations are carried out. With this change will come new operational processes, procedures and business models.

This two-day training program shows you how technology is changing the face of banking and how it is altering both its risk profile and business model. This technology has major positive implications for banking – for banks and their customers alike.

On the positive side these changes present vast business opportunities for banks in terms of dramatically reduced costs, more targeted marketing and a wider client base. On the flipside these changes have dramatically modified and in some cases increased many of the traditional risks associated with banking activities.

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International Payments


The liquidity of the market gives businesses access to international markets for goods and services by providing the foreign currency needed to make transactions worldwide. International Payments and the FX market serves commercial and investment banks, foreign exchange dealers and brokerage companies, corporations, money managers (including pension, mutual fund, and commodity pool managers), commodity trading advisors, insurance companies, governments, and central banks.

The increased complexity of the market plus the higher trade volumes have necessitated constant changes in trading procedures, trade capture systems, operational procedures, and risk management tools.

1. This course seeks to provide a solid foundation to all parties involved in international payments and foreign exchange activities whether at executive, marketing or operational levels into how the actual trading processes work, what the risks are and how these can be mitigated by using clearly defined Standards of Best Practice.

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International Trade Finance


This is an intensive 2-day primer for banking & financial professionals on International Trade Finance. This course has been tailored for professionals in banking, commerce and trade & industry who need to gain a closer understanding of International Trade Finance.

The course provides a comprehensive foundation for understanding all aspects of International Trade Finance in a global context, covering the key principles, concepts, infrastructures, practices, issues, and current developments.

The course includes critical subject material on, among others:

  • The underlying operations and processes in the international trade environment
  • Foreign exchange & currency principles
  • How trade finance is provided
  • Trade finance instruments
    • Open Account
    • Payment/ Cash in Advance
    • Documentary Collections
    • Documentary Credits
    • Guarantees & Standby Letters of Credit
  • The underlying operations and processes in the international trade environment
  • Pre- and post-shipment finance
  • International payment
    • CHIPS
    • Correspondent Banking
    • CLS and its role in settling international trade payments
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Operating Examples of Various Trade Finance Instruments

This course will be of especial interest to banking & commercial professionals who wish to expand their knowledge base enhance their expertise and advance their careers into the international trade finance arena.

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Business Drafting

Course Overview

This full, intense and interactive online 2 day Business Drafting, Contracts and Advanced Negotiation Skills Masterclass course is designed to identify the forming of enforceable contracts, common drafting errors, improve and practice writing and drafting skills, practice and master advanced negotiation skills in English. In addition address current practice in key areas of English law as used in international commercial contracts. All led by an international specialist in the field by the methodology of applied accelerated learning.

Improve legal writing and contract drafting skills Learn how to avoid common drafting pitfalls

Understand the structure and terms that are common to contracts in English Learn advanced negotiation skills (for commercial matters and dispute resolution) in English and develop an effective communication and negotiation style

Strengthen your knowledge of complex contractual terms including indemnities, warranties and exclusion clauses, force majeure clauses in an ever changing global scenario
Highlight selected key comparative differences between Common Law with comparisons to Civil Law jurisdictions
Consider the distinction between direct, indirect and a consequential damages Courts attitude and interpretation of exclusion clauses
Refresh your knowledge of the law surrounding breach, termination and liquidated damages, enabling you to draft tighter provisions and ensure greater protection for your stakeholders.
Negotiation skills, tactics, and techniques for lawyers Negotiating key clauses Forming a binding enforceable contract
Warranties, representations and entire agreement clauses

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Tender & Contract Negotiations

This programme represents Module 1 of the Tender & Conduct Negotiations: A Legal Guide to M&A will give you a superior understanding of the legal, commercial and nancial aspects of international M&A processes, the strategic priorities and approaches of the various deal players, the documents typical to M&A deals, and the legal challenges you are likely to face.

This course will give you a thorough understanding of the wide variety of skills that all parties involved in cross-border acquisitions must possess – for example, the ability to read and digest nancial information, successfully communicate with the relevant parties, whilst juggling a diverse range of international commercial and legal issues.

By the end of the programme, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to ensure your deal does not fail due to delays, illogical pricing, or unnecessary/inaccurate terms. How will this course bene t you?

By attending Mergers & Acquisitions: A Legal Guide to M&A you will learn:

  • How to structure a deal and value the target
  • How to negotiate the preliminary agreements and understand other complex pre-contractual issues
  • The complexities of legal due diligence
  • The technical legal issues, including intellectual property (IP) rights
  • The different ways to document M&A transactions
  • Complex issues involved in acquisition and nancing
  • Best practice in post-merger integration
The course is designed to be highly practical and features hands on workshop sessions and case studies.

Note - A good level of spoken and written English is required to attend this course. Delegates should be of an intermediate standard in English at a minimum. Please refer to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - as a guide the level required is B2.

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Leadership in Crisis and Steady State

Organisations need to completely rethink what they are about and what it means to lead. It’s not about one person or even those residing at the top anymore. In today’s world, everyone has to adopt a leadership mind-set. We have to think of ourselves as members of a leadership community.” Patty McCord, former chief talent officer, Netflix

Leadership starts at the top of the organisation, but must also be able to capture the ‘mood in the middle’, and deliver the ‘buzz at the bottom’. Leadership is contextual, and leaders need to be able to operate in situations of crisis and steady state.

The Masterclass explores both theoretical and practical aspects of leadership and the importance of the concept in delivering organisational success.

Through online interaction, delegates attending the Masterclass will be able to take part in discussions and interaction, consider exercises which explore and share best practices. Case studies will be used to examine the record of proven leaders, and demonstrate how failed leaders have imperilled the health and even viability of the organisations within which they worked.

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International Securities Settlement and Custodial Services

This 2-day training program is designed to provide delegates with practical knowledge about the key concepts, systems, processes and procedures in international securities settlement and custodial services as well as the operational risks involved. Participants will have a chance to gain the skills necessary to facilitate day-to-day transactions and communication processes between all parties involved.

By attending this program, you will gain:

  • Practical understanding of international securities settlement processes and custodial services, key players, concepts and processes
  • A clear understanding of the operational risks involved in these services
  • An update on recent developments of international securities settlement and custodial services
  • An understanding and appreciation of the communication processes between all the parties involved in a given transaction
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High Performance Board Excellence Webinar- 2020

  • Learn all you can on the company
  • Learn about the company’s people
  • Learn about other board members
Talk with the chair

Pore over the pre-meeting board book ◼ Arrive early Speak little, listen much.

  • Key tasks of the board as viewed by the board itself
  • Who will add the evaluation?
  • Who will conduct, compile and interpret the evaluation?
  • Evaluation schedule/timeline
  • How will evaluation outcomes will be applied?
  • Evaluating the evaluation
  • Specific elements to be evaluated...
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