About Us

Management Excellence undertakes safeguarding both the interest and welfare of our delegates supersedes all our priorities. Hence, amid this unprecedented time, we have consolidated the portfolio of both our Classroom / In-Person and Online / Live training to suit and further accommodate the rapidly adapting training requisites of today’s professionals. Take part in our instructor-led interactive online and public training programmes continuously developed and vetted to ensure the Quality Assured Training you deserve.

Our inspiring comprehensive portfolio of more than 350 professional development courses and seminars cover a wide range of professions from Administration, Leadership, HR, Business, Strategy, Finance, Project Management, Health, Safety, Security, as well as a comprehensive suite of Technical Skills courses in Engineering, Power and Energy, Oil and Gas, Maintenance, as well as many others.

What we do

Our learning approach enables your people to take part in engaging learning journeys that ultimately help them do their job better.

Rooted in the belief that we learn best when discussing new ideas with like-minded people, our programmes include:

  • face-to-face workshops so learners can meet the subject matter experts, experience the learning via real-life problems and challenges, and practice new behaviors, tools and techniques
  • In house training along with specified content specially designed for your organization under the guidance of subject expert in your preferred location and time

So whether your people need to understand how to increase the board productivity , model a financial investment, how your clients determine financial risk and make decisions, or you want to generate increased client value and loyalty through better relationship management, our programmes will inspire them to change the way they achieve success.

And, if you need it, we can analyse data on all of the above, providing relevant metrics to demonstrate ROI

Overcoming your biggest Challenges

  • Engage the workforce in lifelong learning and the pursuit for proficiency
  • Gain a global perspective on new trends, policies, and regulation
  • Measure the impact of learning on business outcomes
  • Reduce the time it takes new recruits to become competent in the workplace
  • Provide private social learning communities to spread knowledge and learning across teams, functions, and offices
  • Remove the barriers to continuous learning with ongoing support and access to expert instructors

Why Us

We have built an enviable reputation world-wide of continual trust to deliver exceptional development solutions, providing winning quality assured training and skills development courses.

Our company mantra is: Your Partner in Growth in providing Exceptional Service & Delivery’ – this philosophy is at the core of that we do, and is experienced by those who trust us with their people development.

At Management Excellence Training we are committed to ensure that delegates receive the best development to maximise their potential and talent.

With Quality Assured people development at the heart of what we do, our commitment to delivering the best possible learning experience is demonstrated by our continuous working relationship with 13 of the world’s leading professional governing, awarding and certifying bodies

We have got the opportunity to render our services from Ministers to senior executives across Middle East , Africa and Asia ensuring they get the maximum knowledge exposure and career development through out the training .

Our network of more than 200 experienced professional trainers, providing extensive knowledge and experience of private industry, business and government enterprises, allows us to develop industry-leading training courses and seminars.