Board Assessments

The purpose of board assessments is to be sure that boards are fulfilling their duties and responsibilities and that appropriate processes are in place to ensure that boards are giving due diligence to planning and oversight over the organization.

With Increased regulatory concerns and global pressure on board performance, Board assessments stand as a measure for how boards are performing against the objectives and goals that they set for themselves.

Board assessments are an exercise in learning how the board can improve. These are important to strengthen how organizations operate, which has a strong relationship to how they govern.

The board assessment encourages collaborative decision making and high performance by individual directors. It also encourages directors to work together effectively to reduce conflict in the boardroom and embed a culture of good governance and team spirit.

Management Excellence Board Assessment Framework

Our Approach

4. Independent Review Objectives

Assess Strengths and Areas of Improvement of the Board of Directors and the Board Committees.

Identify Recommendations for strengthening Board effectiveness.

Develop a Development Plan for discussion.

Analysis of improvement opportunities based on similar Boards and Best Practices

5. Draft Board Assessment Report

6. Draft Review

7. Board Roundtable discussion

Roundtable discussion with board on potential improvement actions.

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