Governance, Risk Management & Compliance Masterclass 2022

Strategic Leadership for High Performing Management
September 19, 2022
Strategic Leadership Management Masterclass 2022
September 26, 2022

Governance, Risk Management & Compliance Masterclass 2022

Dates -: 21st-25th November 2022
Location -: Radisson Blu Hotel Istanbul, Turkey

A holistic approach at four ISO Standards related to Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, and Business Continuity Management Systems. How are Risk Appetite and Strategy related? What are the emerging risks of social media for the organisations?

4 Days In-Class Training & 1 Full Day City Networking Tour!!!

  • Identify the dynamics of exponential and converging technologies
  • Recognise the difference between abundance and scarcity models
  • Understanding the difference between exponential and linear patterns
  • Understand the concepts of Core and Edge
  • Describe the link between good leadership and creativity & innovation Apply self-awareness techniques in preparing for unleashing the natural creative inclination.
  • Teach, guide and support others in developing the needed self-awareness for creativity.
  • Build the right environment that nurtures and fosters creativity and innovation in others.
  • Use different tools and techniques to generate creative and innovative ideas.
  • Understand the drivers for a greater emphasis in business on creativity and innovation.
  • Identify the processes and activities which support creativity and innovation in organisations.
  • Understand how the process of change can block or enable employees at all levels to resist or embrace a greater emphasis on creativity and innovation.
  • Learn about the art of creative story-telling & listening.
  • President
  • CEO
  • MD
  • Functional Head
  • Chief Officers
  • Departmental Head
  • Manager
  • Team Head
  • Leadership Teams

It will be useful to anyone who is responsible for designing and developing Corporate Strategy, Change Management projects and future Leaders.

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