Capital Market, Securities & Asset Management Masterclass

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March 13, 2023
Corporate Governance – Board Dynamics & Board Excellence Masterclass 2023
April 21, 2023

Capital Market, Securities & Asset Management Masterclass

Dates -: May 2023
Location -: Turkey

This masterclass provides participants with the professional knowledge, tools and frameworks to boost financial performance of the bank and prepare the board for the new financial changes.

This programme will address these issues in a practical way, with a balance of presentations, group exercises and case studies; and provide delegates with the means to apply insightful, proportionate and high quality practical knowledge in their organisations. The main objective of this customised training is to conceptually understand capital market operations (what it is, how it works, players, regulatory issues, investment, and new product opportunities for banks like OB). Get practical exposure and visits to see firsthand how capital market operators and intermediaries work (investment banks, fund managers, brokers, banks that have capital market products, securities exchange, capital market authorities, etc). As well as discuss possibilities of getting expertise and advisory support soon through continuous engagement to help bank be better positioned to take quick advantage of the upcoming capital market Securities Exchange.

  • Course is organised in 6 sessions (3 days) each tackling a specific topic.
  • Training will be primarily through a practical case studies, group exercises and presentation with a Question & Answer at the end of each session.
  • Trainer will ask questions & have breakout sessions throughout his presentations to check understanding and ensure sessions are interactive & complete understanding is achieved by all.
  • Ensure attendees understand the structure of Kenya's Capital Markets, Stock & securities exchange, its various products and how to invest.
  • Ensure attendees understand the East African Insurance sector & the opportunities therein,
  • Ensure attendees understand the convergence of insurance and capital markets, and opportunities in capital markets intermediation
  • Ensure attendees understand the importance and ways to operate Takaful Insurance.
  • Chairman
  • CEO, President
  • Board of Directors
  • Investor Relation
  • Senior Management
  • Department Head

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