Advanced Forensic Auditing , Fraud & Corruption Management Masterclass

Advanced HR Leadership in Building Human Resilience Masterclass
October 28, 2022
Advanced IFRS 9 , 15 & 16 Masterclass
October 28, 2022

Advanced Forensic Auditing , Fraud & Corruption Management Masterclass

Duration -: 4 days ( 3 days Learning & 1 Day Study Tour )
Batch -: February , March ,April , July , August , September , October , November

Through exercises and discussion you will be given real-life examples and the opportunity to share knowledge with your peers regarding what leading departments do when it comes to Engaging with stakeholders.

  • Ensuring that the department is property positioned to carry out its work in an effective and lot
  • Creating a strategy for the Internal audit function
  • Developing a mindset of continuous improvement and ensuring proper Quality surance.
  • Creating an annual plan that aligns with business strategy and addresses key risks.
  • Are you providing appropriate coverage across the organisation? How do you knor?
  • Resourcing the internal audit team to ensure that you have a suitable number of staft and can access the right sklls for today and tororrow.
  • Developing your people to meet their aspirations and create managers for the future.
  • The latest thinking around performing the audits themselves: scoping, sampling and documentation.
  • Agreeing findings and crafting recommendations that ensure "buy in"
  • Ensuring a rigorous auer is pefore and hat Br 87a de proari auden Growth.
  • Tracking findings to ensure that change actually happens.
  • Reporting work performed: individual audits, status reports for Executives and summaries for the Audit Committee.
  • Avoiding "Groupthink" and "Speaking truth to power" to help prevent corporate failure.

in a series of highly interactive sessions you will learn how to improve your Executive presence*, make the right impression on senior Executives and get your message across in an effective and persuasive way.

  • Chief Audit Executives (Heads of Internal Audit Chief Internal Auditors)
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Chief Ethics Officer
  • Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) Staff Compliance Audit Committee Members Head Legal / General Counsels Head or Vigilance
  • Head of Fraud & Inspection Renulators
  • Corporate Governance Professionals. including Second Line of Defence /Other Assurance Providers)
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Company Secretary
  • Internal Audit Mangers
  • Account Mangers
  • External & Internal Auditors

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