Advanced Corporate Governance & Board Development Masterclass

Advanced Risk Management Masterclass 2023
October 28, 2022
Strategic Leadership Management Masterclass
October 28, 2022

Advanced Corporate Governance & Board Development Masterclass

Duration -: 4 days ( 3 days Learning & 1 Day Study Tour )
Batch -: March ,April , July , August , September , October , November

Corporate Governance concerns the proper exercise of power by different groups – directors, shareholders & other stakeholders such as customers, employees, neighbours and suppliers.

It is concerned with disclosure and transparency; accountability; culture; internal control; avoiding the concentration of power in too few hands; doing business both legally and in the right way; and the ethical handling of conflicts of interest and duty as they arise.

  • The board will be aware for Corporate Social Responsibility, ESG and Sustainability Reporting.
  • We will explore recent cases, practical dilemmas, and other topical issues in order to link theory to practice. Understand how to manage the sensitivities and unique issues related to Board and Committee evaluations, particularly when individual assessments are included.
  • Benchmark your approach to international standards and practices.& Recognise all the key stakeholders and what information is required.
  • Get communications with investors right and what is best practice & Understand the issues IR professionals and LPs face in today’s environment.
  • Appreciate why Committees are formed and how power is appropriately delegated by Boards & Compile the necessary documentation for Committees, including Charters and policies, meeting packs, minutes and reports by Benchmarking your Committees to international standards and practices.
  • Discuss the business and ethical case for good governance from local and international perspectives & Define the scope and components of a solid corporate governance framework, and how it is customised to corporate needs.
  • Develop an understanding of how to deal with Corporate Governance dilemmas & Discover new sources of guidance and benchmarks, and potential regulatory changes.
  • Chairs, Committee Chairs
  • Board Members, Committee Members
  • Board Secretaries , Company Secretary
  • CEOs, MD , President , Executive Directors and Senior Management
  • Officers-in-Charge of the Governance framework within the organisation
  • Internal Auditor , Compliance Head , Risk Head

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